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Capital and also lowercase variations of H, in ordinary and also italic kind

Pronunciation [revise]

Uppercase and also lowercase H in Fraktur

Translingual [modify]

h (lesser scenario, top situation H, plural h’s)

Pronunciation [revise]

Proposed in 1908 as aspect of the brand new Latvian punctuation due to the medical percentage moved through K. Mīlenbahs, which was actually taken on as well as started to become educated in colleges in 1909. Before that, Latvian had actually been actually filled in German Fraktur, as well as occasionally in Cyrillic.


Azerbaijani [modify]

h (top scenario F, lesser situation f)

Gallery [revise]

The character H/h (like F/f, and also O/o working with [o], [oː] rather than [uə̯] is actually located just in terms of international source (loanings). Take note that it exemplifies the noise of IPA [x] (just like German machen, ach), certainly not (as in the majority of various other alphabets based upon the Latin writing) the noise of IPA [h]

Esperanto [modify]


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abbreviation1( in evaluating the elevation of steeds) palm( s)


2in blend( in devices of dimension) hecto-


3British (apropos of showing off components) house.


5( specifically apropos of water) warm.

2Planck'' s continual separated through 2π.

Main meanings of h in English

Main meanings of h in English: h1H2H3.
abbreviation1Hard (utilized in illustrating qualities of pencil top)


2Height (in providing the measurements of a, h&h jewelry, things)


5Hungary (worldwide motor vehicle sign up).

h - 2

You racked up/ 10 practise once again?

6British (on check in the road) hydrant.

2The chemical aspect hydrogen.

3Physics Magnetic area toughness.

Main meanings of h in English: h1H2H3.
( likewise h) noun1The 8th character of the alphabet.

2A design like that of a, h&h jewelry, funds H.

3Music (in the German body) the details B natural.

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In this write-up our team look into exactly how to excite companies along with a, h&h jewelry, spot-on Curriculum Vitae.

Archaic words possess a, h&h jewelry, beauty that never ever vanishes, coming from French seeming to wondrously mystical ones.

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