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    West Orange, NJ
Тэлефануйце: (973) 324-2300
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Learn more about spine surgery at Essex Surgical.

New Jersey Spine Surgery

Spinal problems are most widespread and debilitating medical conditions causing pain, restricting mobility, and degrading quality of life. Our renowned spinal surgeons at ES perform advanced procedures using minimally invasive back surgery techniques, new imaging technology, microsurgery, and other therapeutic breakthroughs to expand the treatment options for our patients.

Essex Surgical is dedicated to being one of the leading ambulatory surgery centers for the advanced treatment of spinal problems. Our surgeons perform cervical and lumbar discectomies and fusions as well as laminectomies, kyphoplasties, and sacroiliac surgery. У Эсэкс Хірургічнае, our surgeons and staff provide the best possible spinal care tailored to the needs of each individual patient.

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